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Breaking Point

On May 31, 2016, over 100 Children’s Mental Health Ontario members met in Toronto to identify sector-wide priorities. This stemmed from a request from the Auditor General who, as part of their audit, asked CMHO to collaborate with its members to develop a list of priorities.

It was a lively and engaging day that allowed members to set the agenda and lead the discussions in order to identify and discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the children and youth mental health sector.

Based on the meeting, we have issued a report capturing the identified priorities: Breaking Point: A System Stretched Beyond its Limits – A Report on Community-Based Children’s Mental Health Centres. This document provides an overview of the event, includes the notes from the day’s sessions, summarizes emergent themes and sets out the key priorities that surfaced. Participating in the conference were: leadership staff from community-based children’s mental health centres; board members; child and youth mental health system partners; youth; and, parents. A French version of the report will be available in the coming days.

Delegates identified important work that they believe CMHO should undertake – we are motivated and excited to collaborate with our Board and our members to get this work underway.

This effort left us exceptionally motivated and ready to push our priorities forward. We are excited to continue working with our members, supporting you in leading our sector forward.