Supporting access to virtual care for children, youth and adults who have mental health and addiction challenges

Donate An Old Mobile Phone, Tablet Or Laptop To Help Our Community During COVID-19

Between now and March 31st, 2021, The Phoenix Center for Children and Families, Renfrew County’s Accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre in partnership with the Champlain Mental Health & Addictions COVID-19 Task Group which is focused on creating a virtual care service delivery system which has the knowledge, equipment and support to provide effective and efficient services to vulnerable populations in response to COVID-19, are making a call for donations of any unused or surplus electronic devices that you may have at home or in the office.

During this difficult time of COVID-19, The Phoenix Center and the Champlain MH&A COVID-19 Task Group are working with agencies throughout the Champlain region to make mental health and addiction services accessible to individuals or families needing help through virtual platforms.  Unfortunately, not everyone in our various communities have access to mobile phones tablets, laptops or even reliable internet that is compatible with virtual platforms.  Your donation of a device that still works but is no longer being used, will be put into the hands of a person who is needing mental health and/or addictions support during this challenging time.

This project covers children, youth, adults and seniors in the Champlain Region (which includes Ottawa, Prescott Russell, Renfrew County, Leeds & Grenville, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry).

At this time, to make sure the devices will be able to assist in the virtual care program in the best way possible, we are asking that your devices meet the following requirements:

  • Power On
  • Have a Charging Cord
  • Be Unlocked (if applicable)
  • Not Be Blacklisted
  • Have a functional screen (minor, non function limiting scratches are fine)
  • Functional Headphone jack
  • Operating Systems (Not Applicable for non-Smart Phones):
    • Smart Phones and Tablets
      • iOS 8.0 or newer
      • iPad OS 13 or newer
      • Android 5.0x or newer
        • Laptops: 
          • macOS X with macOS 10.9 or newer
          • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 Home, Pro or Enterprise

If you have any questions or are unsure that your donation will meet our requirements, please contact Jessica Rowsell by phone at 1-613-735-9565 or by email at and it will be verified for you.

All device donations will be wiped to the highest data security standards and uploaded with all the required platforms and applications to support the recipient.

If you include your name and email address, a tax receipt for your donation will be sent to you if the value is assessed over $20.00. 

When you are ready to make your donation, reach out to Jessica Rowsell by phone or email to locate your nearest drop off location or to make arrangements for pick up.

By being able to offer more services virtually and providing the necessary equipment to those who need it; The Phoenix Center and their partners will be able to offer a sustainable service to all who need it, when they need it. 

The Phoenix Center and the Champlain Mental Health & Addictions COVID-19 Task Group would like to thank the United Way East Ontario and their Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) for being able to provide financial aid in order to support the Champlain Region during this difficult time.


Media Contacts:

Jessica Rowsell
Phone:  613-735-9565

Greg Lubimiv
Phone:  613-735-2374 ext. 231