Ideas for children during COVID 19

Similar to at Christmas, where there would be a Christmas themed activity everyday, these are appropriate activities that could be done at home, without a lot of interaction from others. Parents could share these activities and ideas, which would be helpful and create community for others. We could also ask families to look at the ideas, and comment on what some of their favourites ever day are. We would ask when they post to tag the phoenix centre or create a hashtag (like #whatsupinRC or something similar).


March 18

Something you’ve created

March 19

Where did you go for a walk?

March 20

A healthy snack you’ve made

March 21

A book you’re reading

March 22

Something new that you’ve learned

March 23

What you ate for supper

March 24

What virtual tour you’ve taken at a museum –

March 25

3 things you’ve felt grateful for

March 26

How are you feeling today (selfies)

March 27

What you’re watching?



Grateful Renfrew County

Start an online campaign sharing what people feel grateful for. Share this with a local radio station to incorporate into their regular programming (like birthdays on the radio).



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