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Mental Health and Addictions Planning Table Needs Feedback on New Plan

As a part of the Ministry of Children and Services “Moving on Mental Health Initiative” (MOMH), a large group of service providers and community stakeholders came together under the leadership of The Phoenix Centre, which was appointed MOMH Lead Agency by the Ministry.  A Moving on Mental Health Planning Table was created which is made up of 17 different community sectors (such as health, education, faith community, justice, children`s services, etc.) and a total of 34 different representatives.   The Planning Table main focus was to create a more effective and efficient mental health and addictions system which would ensure that anyone experiencing a mental health challenge would get to the right door at the right time and receive the right service.

After a little over one year of mapping services, identifying gaps, overlaps and priorities the Planning Table decided to focus its first plan on three areas.  Intake/access, Pathways to Care and an Integrated Crisis System.  As well, unlike most other areas in the province, the Planning table decided to create a plan that would impact all ages, not just children and youth.

The Draft Mental Health and Addiction Plan was finalized in October 2017 and is now being reviewed by youth, service providers and caregivers/parents to determine if the Planning Table’s recommendations make sense and will make a difference.  Focus groups are being held across the County, but there are surveys which can be completed for anyone who is unable to attend in person.  As well, if there are any groups interested, they can request a presentation on the draft plan and provide feedback following this.

For many years, service providers have been aware that the current system for mental health and addictions has many challenges.  Many have expressed not knowing where to go, being clear on what different agencies do, or face issues such as wait times.  Many agencies are doing great work, but they lack capacity to meet all of the needs.  Many agencies provide services that overlap or duplicate the work of each other which can cause confusion as well as lack of efficient use of scarce resources.

The Planning Table is trying to change that and is excited at taking first steps in creating a more effective and efficient system an invites everyone in Renfrew County to be a part in making this happen.  Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director of The Phoenix Centre and Lead for MOMH states. “I am thrilled with the process we have been using and with the commitment and energy being provided by all of the representatives sitting at the Planning Table.  We have never had a better opportunity to create a more effective, more accessible, more client centred mental health and addiction system for Renfrew County.”

To read the draft plan, complete a survey, see where a focus group is being held go to the Phoenix Centre Website at, click on MOMH (Moving on Mental Health) and you will be able to access the plan and surveys.  Click on the survey that best fits for you, Youth, Service Provider, Caregiver/parent and give your responses, which are made anonymously.

[Please note that surveys for this action have been closed]The current workplan is to have the final plan completed before Christmas and for the Planning Table to start the implementation process in the new year.  After April 2018 the Planning Table will identify other priorities to work on.

For further information or to request a presentation please contact Greg Lubimiv, MOMH Lead at or 613-735-2374.