Meet our team of highly trained professionals.

Dez Bair-Patel

President of the Board

Sue Kennedy

Executive Director

Our Board Members

Dez Bair-Patel
Karen Roosen
Patricia Day
Leo Boland
Lise Fortin
Julia Reddy
Kayla Quintal
Theresa Sabourin
Richard Deschambault

Our Management Team

Sue Kennedy
Executive Director
Debra Woodfine
Clinical Director
Charlene Chaput
Manager of Human Resources and Administrative Services
Jerry Plante
Manager of Financial Services
Melissa Oleynik
Day Treatment and Intensive Manager
Janet Cullen
Central Clinical Manager
Jessica Nitsopoulos
East Clinical Manager

Central Site

  • Abby Doner Family and Child Therapist
  • Alexander De Zorzi  Family and Child Therapist
  • Alexis Cannon Family and Child Therapist
  • Bonnie McIntyre Communications/Administrative Assistant
  • Brenda Beauchamp Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Cara-Lynne Ryan Family and Child Therapist
  • Cheryl Palubiski Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Christy Boss-Cozza Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Erin Oakie Family and Child Therapist
  • Hailey Hall Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Ian Sernoskie  Family and Child Therapist
  • Jackie Dillabough Family and Child Therapist
  • Joanne Dawson Administrative Assistant
  • Katherine Leonard Administrative Assistant
  • Karen Andrews Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Katrina Mallette Family and Child Therapist
  • Katrin Soolepp Family and Child Therapist

East Site

  • Laurie Campbell Family and Child Therapist
  • Lindsay Dekleyne Family and Child Therapist
  • Lydia Klotz Family and Child Therapist
  • Macayla Cullen Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Melanie Watts Family and Child Therapist
  • Melissa Proulx Family and Child Therapist
  • Melissa Throop Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Monique Robinson Family and Child Therapist
  • Nicole Ristau Administrative Assistant
  • Olivia Sorensen Family and Child Therapist
  • Rachel Borshevsky Family and Child Therapist
  • Rosalie Larouche Family and Child Therapist
  • Samantha Lavigne Child and Youth Counsellor
  • Sandi Wright Supervisor, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan Mental Health Services
  • Stephanie Belaire Family and Child Therapist