Mental Health and Addiction Services in Renfrew County continue to operate to support children, youth and adults.

The mental health and addictions services have been considered as essential by the Province of Ontario, and the majority of agencies have been able to adopt virtual support/counselling/therapy in order to continue their work.

In Renfrew County staff of the various mental health and addiction agencies have adopted phone, video conferencing and/or chat to stay connected with current and new clients.  For a full list of services and programs in the County please go to Renfrew County Public Health Unit Website (  or The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families website, (, where you will find a link to Mental Health, Addiction and other services in Renfrew County.  The list provides anyone looking for services of what is available and how to connect.  The list includes Province Wide services as well as 24/7 Crisis and support services (phone based).

The Moving on Mental Health and Addiction Planning Table, consisting of representatives from many different sectors, has been working to create more effective, efficient and client centred services.  Members of the Planning Table will be meeting virtually to continue their work.  Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director of The Phoenix Centre and Chair of The Planning Table adds that the focus on mental health and addiction is an important one.  “The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives so dramatically and like any crisis the effect can be different for each of us.  Our service systems are working hard to continue to support children, youth, caregivers, families, adults and seniors who are facing mental health challenges. “

Mr. Lubimiv is concerned that many in our communities may not be aware that, although buildings and formal offices may be closed, most services can still be accessed.  “Our current focus is on making sure that anyone facing challenges are connected and knows where to go.  In Renfrew County, we have developed a more client centred service so if anyone does connect with an agency that is not quite the right one, that agency will navigate the person to the right service or services.”

Mr. Lubimiv adds, “I am constantly impressed with how much collaboration, caring and sharing takes place in Renfrew County, especially in challenging times such as the flood last year and now COVID-19.  I have no doubts that, not only will we all emerge from the current crisis, but like the Mythological Phoenix, will do with greater strength and even more appreciation of working together as a community.”

For more information, please contact Greg Lubimiv at