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Phoenix Centre Named Lead Agency

The board and management of the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families are delighted to have been identified as Lead Agency for child and youth mental health services in Renfrew County by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The announcement was made in December 2015.

Lead Agencies have now been identified in 31 of 33 service areas across Ontario as a key component of the Moving on Mental Health plan being implemented by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

As a lead agency, the Phoenix Centre will be responsible to ensure that core children`s mental health services, as defined by the ministry, are available and accessible to children, youth and families in Renfrew County. As well, each lead agency will work with all agencies and organizations involved in or affected by mental health. This includes such organizations as Family and Children’s Services, school boards, addiction services and police and health services in Renfrew County.

The vision is to ensure that anywhere in Ontario there is access to a core set of child and youth mental health services which are effective and are client-focused. According to a statement from the Phoenix Centre, this will involve identifying existing programs and resources, eliminating gaps and overlaps and maximizing simple access to these services when needed.

Ron Parker, Phoenix Centre Board President, is looking forward to the coming year.

“We have already been working in partnerships with most agencies in Renfrew County, and there has already been a commitment towards building a more effective and efficient mental health system. We are very proud to be able to continue this work in a much more focused and systematic manner.”

The ministry has said it is making funding available to help Lead Agencies move forward on their roles and this has been welcomed by the Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director of the Phoenix Centre.

“The Ministry has recognized the need to ensure that there is adequate infrastructure to ensure that the goals of Moving on Mental Health are able to be achieved. I have been very impressed with the Ministry’s support to date and believe that the end result will be a more comprehensive and accessible mental health system for all children and youth in Renfrew County.”

There will be no abrupt changes to core service delivery. The Phoenix Centre will post updates on its website – – beginning April 2016.

Get more information about Ontario’s Moving on Mental Health plan and browse the list of lead agencies.