Our Trauma Team offers comprehensive assessment and treatment services to children/youth who are experiencing issues related to a trauma such as: Witnessing abuse and/or a traumatic event like physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The impact of trauma and the events that follow can affect children/youth and families in many ways. Our Trauma Services offers a safe place to express feelings surrounding the trauma and resolve any unanswered questions. The parent or caregiver can also have a difficult time coping with their own feelings and needs. Parental/caregiver involvement is highly recommended as the parent/caregiver provides the best emotional support for the child.


The Phoenix Centre uses the Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) approach in working with children/youth and families. This evidence-based model gradually helps children/youth build on their skills and learn new ones as they move forward to tell their story. Children/youth also learn skills to master control of their fears and re-occurring negative thoughts/beliefs that often form as a result of the traumatic event. This work is generally done individually with the child/youth with ongoing parental support and counselling. Family therapy and sibling counselling is also available.