In need of parenting resources? Feeling sad or depressed? Worried about school or home? Frustrated or angry? Concerned about alcohol, drugs or gambling? Need someone to talk to immediately? We can help! 

Our walk-in counselling hours offer immediate assistance for youth and children across the county. We provide a 1-hour FREE counselling session that suits your needs and that can help make things better! Sessions are for children and youth 17 years and under. No referral necessary.

Custody Disputes and Consent
Please note that if there is a joint custody arrangement, written consent from BOTH parents must be provided for children under 12 years of age to receive services. Proof of full custody must also be provided for those under 12 years old. If consent from both custodial parents/proof of custody is NOT provided we cannot see the child if under 12 years of age.






Media Release

We will be navigating intake referrals to walk in (other than crisis).

By September, we believe we will eliminate the wait list and in October activate the new system.  This new system will provide service access within two weeks of referral.

Across Ontario the wait time for children’s mental health services has been an issue agencies have been challenged by with wait times ranging from several months to several years. Locally, the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families has had these same struggles and has made reducing wait time a priority.

Four years ago, with funding help from Canada Post, RBC and True Patriots Love, the Phoenix Centre was able to implement Walk-In Clinics across the county. This resulted in a reduction of wait times from an average of 6-8 months to an average of 3-4 months.  “Although new investments are being made by the Ontario Government, we realize the solution has to include new ways of working, not just more money” says Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director of the Phoenix Centre.  As a result the Phoenix Centre is planning a new Intake/Brief Services model that is designed to reduce wait times and provide more immediate service to children/youth and their families. Our aim with this new system is to schedule appointments within two weeks of the initial call for service.  In order to achieve this, the Phoenix Centre will need to temporarily close intake services from July 2 – September 27, 2019 to prepare for the new and more efficient delivery and approach.  Clients can still receive services at one of the 4 Walk-In clinics available please see the schedule. Crisis cases will receive immediate service as per the agency protocol. 

For more information, please contact Greg Lubimiv at glubimiv@phoenixctr.com or Debra Woodfine at dwoodfine@phoenixctr.com