Parents Anonymous®

What is Parents Anonymous?

Parents Anonymous is a family strengthening program, founded in 1969 by Jolly K., a single mother seeking to provide a safe and caring home for her family. Parents Anonymous is committed to providing evidence-based, culturally responsive and innovative programming to parents, children, and youth wishing to change their lives for the better.


Guiding Principles:

  1. Meaningful Parent Leadership: Parents are effective and necessary leaders who shape the direction of their families, communities, policies, programs, etc.
  2. Effective Mutual Support: Parents give and receive support from each other.
  3. Successful Shared Leadership: Parents and staff build partnerships to share responsibility, expertise, and leadership.
  4. Long-Term Personal Growth & Change: Parents, children, and youth transform their attitudes, learn new behaviors and build on their strengths.


Parents Anonymous Groups

A Parents Anonymous group runs all year round and meets weekly to talk, share and learn from each other. While parents and caregivers meet, at the same time – children and youth meet to enjoy age-specific activities. The weekly groups have helped to strengthen relationships and connect participants to local resources and supports.


Adult Group at a Glance

  1. Begins with a parent reading the opening statement.
  2. Adult Group Facilitator or a parent lead group in a meditation.
  3. Check-in and Scaling Question: 0 being I am having the worst week and nothing seems to be going right and 10 being I am having the best week; things are going well for my family and me.
  4. Adult Group Facilitator or Parent Group Leader asks questions/has a discussion related to the monthly theme.
  5. Parents engage in discussion.
  6. The group ends with closing activity.


Important Information

  • Meets weekly and is free of charge
  • Are completely confidential
  • Are co-led by trained Parent Group Leader or a Group Facilitator
  • Are open to parents/caregivers are their children between 0-18 years old.


Parents Anonymous is…

  • Voluntary: Parents Anonymous is a drop-in program. Parents can come as much or as little as they feel needed.
  • Confidential: Group Facilitators are unable to disclose information regarding a family. Only with the individual’s/ consent are facilitators allowed to disclose whether they attended a group.
  • Parents Anonymous: Facilitators are trained in the Parents Anonymous principles and standards of practice and have to operate within these. This means facilitators cannot: transport families, supervise access, etc.
  • A Support Group: Parents Anonymous is NOT a parenting class.


Connecting Families to Parents Anonymous

If you have a family you would to connect to Parents Anonymous:

  1. Parent must first agree to be contacted by Stephanie to discuss what the program is about. This can be done by phone or in person.
  2. Family can contact Parents Anonymous directly at 613-735-6866 ext. 2004 or at


Volunteer and Partnership Opportunities

Parents Anonymous is looking for volunteers to assist with the child & youth groups. We are also looking to build partnerships with other service providers. This opportunity can include:

  • Staff being trained in the Parents Anonymous standards and competencies
  • Staff can become Adult and/or Child & Youth Group Facilitators
  • Provide space to hold group
  • Cost share for program supplies and snacks
  • Open to other partnering ideas